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Micro-Swirl™| Edging | Grade-2

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Micro-Swirl™| Edging | Grade-2

uses Saeng's Micro-Swirls™ Gen-2 technology to produce air bearings to reduce air stream|capsule friction. Micro-Swirls™ smooth, stabilize and enlarge the air stream for a more comfortable capsule. Other benefits; elimination of helmet shake, wind-roar and, shield spray. The edging presses on 1/8"-1/4" shield, holds tight and is a fast, easy way to gain touring comfort. Compatible with all shield materials, will not fade, crack or lose rich luster. Not for beaded-edge shields. Available only in lengths listed. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Grade-2 is preowned and or has minor blemishes. It is a great savings for experienced users. Nonrefundable. Note: If order is for only 2.5 feet consider adding Can-Do™ or Pro-Bungees™ to meet the $20 order minimum.

Prices starts at: $24.95